About Bill Frater

Since the first of 2009, I have been doing weekly music podcasts. The Freight Train Boogie podcast playlists are at FTBpodcasts.com.

I  do a weekly radio show on KRSH, 95.9 FM (The Krush) in Sonoma County, CA. that is also called the Freight Train Boogie. The show airs on Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 PM pacific time.  I also am on the air at KRSH in Santa Rosa, weekend afternoons.

One Response to About Bill Frater

  1. Phil Knipe says:

    Great site Bill. I’ve been picking up links to all sorts of really good stuff via Freight Train Boogie, which helps me keep my ‘roots’ radio show on community station KLFM (Bendigo, Victoria , Australia) up to date. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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